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Top 50 GK questions and answer set 3

Top 50 GK questions and answer
Q1. Name the Earth’s natural satellite?

Ans: Moon

Q2. Name the biggest planet in the solar system?

Ans: Jupiter

Q3. Name the planet which has daytime longer than its year?

Ans: Venus

Q4. Name the largest moon of planet Jupiter?

Ans: Ganemade

Q5. Name the brightest planet in the solar system?

Ans: Venus

Q6. Name the planet, Which has rings around it?

Ans: Saturn

Q7. Name the star nearest to the Earth?

Ans: Sun

Q8. How many hours does Earth take to complete one rotation on its axis?

Ans: 24 hours

Q9. How many days does the Earth take to complete one revolution in orbit around the Sun?

Ans: 365 days

Q10.How many total moons does Jupiter have?

Ans: 79

Q11.Name the Saturn’s biggest moon?

Ans: Titan

Q12.Which planet takes the maximum time to complete its revolution around the Sun?

Ans: Neptune

Q13.Distance between the Earth and the Sun is ?

Ans: 150 million kilometers (93 million miles)

Q14.Name the first person to land on the moon?

Ans: Neil Armstrong

Q15.Name the first people to climb Mount Everest?

Ans: Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay

Q16.Which country started first newspaper in the world ?

Ans: China

Q17.When was the First World War fought?

Ans: Four years (1914-1918)

Q18.when was the Second World War last?

Ans: Six years (1939-1945)

Q19.Who invented the first printing press?

Ans: Johannes Gutenberg

Q20.Who invented the first light bulb?

Ans: Thomas Alva Edison

Q21. Who discovered first penicillin?

Ans: Alexander Fleming

Q22. Who invented first the steam engine?

Ans: James Watt

Q23. Who invented first the telephone?

Ans: Alexander Graham Bell

Q24. Who flew first the aeroplane?

Ans: The Wright brothers (Orville and Wilbur)

Q25. Who is known as father of the computer?

Ans: Charles Babbage

Q26. Who discovered first gravity?

Ans: Albert Einstein

Q27. Who discovered first the value of Pi?

Ans: Archimedes

Q28. Name the country ,where is Mount Everest situated?

Ans: Nepal

Q29. Name the biggest continent?

Ans: Asia

Q30. Name is the smallest continent?

Ans: Australia

Q31. How many continents are there in world?

Ans: Seven

Q32. Name the deepest ocean in the world

Ans: Pacific Ocean

Q33. Name the country known as the “Land of White Elephants”?

Ans: Thailand

Q34. Name the world’s largest hot desert?

Ans: Sahara Desert

Q35. Name the largest coral reef in the world?

Ans: The Great Barrier Reef

Q36. Name the biggest flower in theworld ?

Ans: Rafflesia arnoldii

Q37. Which metal is used in making filament of a electric bulb?

Ans: Tungsten

Q38. Which main metal is used in making steel?

Ans: Iron

Q39. Which are the most non-renewable sources of energy called?

Ans: Fossil fuels

Q40. Name the examples of fossil fuels?

Ans: Petrol, diesel, and coal

Q41. Plant eating animals are called ________.

Ans: Herbivores

Q42. Flesh eating animals are called ________.

Ans: Carnivores

Q43. Name the animals which eat both plant and animals(flesh).

Ans: Omnivores

Q44. Animals who sleep in day time and wake up in night time.

Ans: Nocturnal animals

Q45. What are animal called which live on land and water

Ans: Amphibian

Q46. Name an animal which breathes from skin.

Ans: Frog

Q47. Name a plant which grows in a desert?

Ans: Cactus

Q48. Name the longest bone in our body?

Ans: Femur

Q49. On which part of a plant does a potato grow?

Ans: Root

Q50. Which animal can go for more than a week without drinking water?

Ans: Camel


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