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GK CLASS 6 to 10 - Question and answer

Top 50 GK questions and answer
Question 1: What is the system consisting of courts which interpret the constitution and award judgement?
Answer: Judiciary
Question 2: What is the term used for money given to make amends for an injury or a loss?
Answer: Compensation
Question 3: What is the act of breaking a law as well as to the breach or infringement of Fundamental Rights?
Answer: Violation
Question 4: Who is the final interpreter of our Constitution?
Question5: When was High Court under British Rule first established?
Answer: In 1862
Question6: How many High Courts are there in India currently?
Answer: 25
Question7: What type of cases are decided by under Civil Law?
Answer: Divorce,Rent matters,Sale of land etc.
Question8:What is the term used for removal of persons from land or homes that they are currently living in.
Answer: Eviction
Question9: How many judges are there in Supreme Court?
Answer:26 judges
Question 10: Which article states the fundamental Right to Life guaranteed the right to food?
Answer: Article 21
Question 11: What is referred to as the supreme law of the land?
Answer: Constitution
Question 12:Name the only Union Territory which has a High Court of its own?
Answer: Delhi
Question 13: What is the full form of PIL?
Answer: Public Interest litigation
Question 14: In which age judge of the High Court get retired?
Answer: 62 Years
Question15: Which is the foremost judicial body of our country?
Answer: Supreme Court
Question16: The idea of the Public Interest Litigation was given by whom?
Answer: Supreme Court of India
Question17: FIR means-
Answer: First Information Report
Question18: When did India declared as republic?
Answer: 1951
Question19: Which court is at apex level?
Answer: Supreme court
Question20: When was suprime court established?
Answer: 1950
Question 21: Which two states share same high court?
Answer: Punjab & Haryana
Question 22: Where suprime court is located ?
Answer: New Delhi
Question 23: Who presided the Supreme Court?
Answer: Chief justice
Question 24: Mid – day meal given in government – aided schools because of :-
Answer: PIL
Question 25: Name the three Presidency cities in which High Courts were first established.
Answer: Calcutta, Bombay and Madras in 1862
Question 26: Who said this statement; "A flag is not only a symbol of our independence but also the freedoms of all people."
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
Question 27: Who designed the current National Flag of India?
Answer: Pingali Venkaiya
Question 28: When did the "Chakra" in the National Flag replace the Charkha (spinning wheeel)?
Answer: 1947
Question 29: What is the ratio of the length and width of the Indian National flag. is 2: 3
Answer: 2:3
Question 30: Which colour remains at the top while hoisting the National Flag?
Answer: Saffron
Question 31: Name the unit used to measure the loudness of sound. Also, write its symbol.
Answer: Decibel(db)
Question 32: What is the meaning of white colour used in the National Flag?
Answer: Truth and Purity of thoughts
Question 33: Under which article did the Supreme Court declared the right to hoist the National Flag as the Fundamental Right?
Answer: Article 19 (i)
Question 34: Where will the biggest National Flag be hoisted by Indian diaspora?
Answer: New York
Question 35: What is the color of Ashok Chakra of Indian National flag.
Answer: Nevy Blue
Question 36: When did the Supreme Court of India give the private people to hoist the national flag at their private buildings ?
Answer: In 2002
Question 37: Who had filed the petition for the citizen's right to hoist the national flag ?
Answer: Mr. Navin Jindal, the Congress MP from Haryana
Question 38: Which is the national aquatic animal of India?
Answer:Gangetic River dolphin
Question 39: When was the National Emblem of India adopted?
Answer: 26th January 1950
Question 40: What is the National Anthem of India?
Answer: Jana Gana Mana
Question 41: Who wrote the national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana.”?
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
Question 42: What is the national song of India?
Answer: Vande Mataram
Question 43:When was the national flag adopted by the constituent assembly?
Answer: 22nd July 1947
Question 44:How many SPOKES are there in "ASHOK CHAKRA" situated in our flag?
Answer: 24
Question 45: When was Tiranga first planted on the Mountain Everest?
Answer:20 May 1965.


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