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Top 50 GK questions and answer (human body) set 7

Top 50 GK questions and answer (human body) set 7
Top 50 GK questions and answer (human body)
Question 1: Which part of human body regulates temperature?
Answer: The hypothalamus gland
Question 2: How many muscles found in human body?
Answer: 639
Question 3: How many chembers are in human heart?
Answer: 4
Question 4: What is the normal temperature of the human body?
Answer: 37°C
Question5: What is the value of blood in an adult human body?
Answer: 5-6 liters
Question6: How long does blood take to circulate through out the body?
Answer: 23 seconds
Question7: What is the life span of RBC?
Answer: 120 days
Question8: Where RBC is produced in human body?
Answer: Bone marrow
Question9: What is the life span of WBC?
Answer: 2 to 4 days
Question 10: What is another name of WBC?
Answer: Leukocyte
Question 11: What is the juice secreated by liver?
Answer: Bile Juice
Question 12: How many chromosome does a human have.
Answer: 46
Question 13: Who is responsible for the sex of baby?
Answer: Male
Question 14: What is the avarage value of pH of human urine?
Answer: 6
Question15: Which enzyme is present in saliva?
Answer: Amylase
Question16: Which human organ stores vitamin A?
Answer: Liver
Question17: Where the tinia is located in human body?
Answer: Leg
Question18: What is the biggest part of human brain?
Answer: Cerebrum
Question19: What is the smallest part of the human brain?
Answer: The midbrain
Question20: what is the water content in human body?
Answer: 65-80%
Question 21: What is the shape of DNA.
Answer: Double helix
Question 22: What is the pH valu of blood?
Answer: 7-4
Question 23: What is blood pressure of a normal person?
Answer: 120/80
Question 24: What is normal respiration rate of human?
Answer: 16 to 18 time/min
Question 25: What is pulse rate of an adult human.
Answer: 72/min
Question 26: How much volume of urine is produced in an adult human being during 24 Hours.
Answer: 1.5 liters
Question 27: Which blood group is universal donor?
Answer: O-ve
Question 28: How many test buds are present on tounge.
Answer: 10,000
Question 29: Which harmone regulates blood sugar level in human body.
Answer: Insulin
Question 30: Which is the largest gland in human body?
Answer: Liver
Question 31: What is the largest joint in the human body.
Answer: Knee
Question 32: Which part of body, Pharynx is located?
Answer: Neck
Question 33: What we call, the process of formation of new blood vessels in our body?
Answer: Angiogenesis.
Question 34: Which organ is responsible for removing waste from human body.
Answer: Kidney
Question 35: Which system is responsible for producing children?
Answer: Reproductive System
Question 36: Which part of eye is most sensetive and contain no blood vessels?
Answer: Cornea
Question 37: How many lungs does the human body have?
Answer: Two
Question 38: What is the name of longest bone in human body?
Answer: Femur
Question 39: What is the weakest bone in human body?
Answer: Spinal chord
Question 40: What substance are nails and hair made off?
Answer: Keratin
Question 41: In which part of the eye image is formed?
Answer: Retina
Question 42: Name a defect of an eye which is known as Near-sightedness?
Answer: Myopia
Question 43: Name a defect of an eye which is known as Far-sightedness?
Answer: Hyper-Myopia
Question 44: What are the three common defects of the eye?
Answer: Hypermetropia, Myopia, and Presbyopia
Question 45: Which photoreceptor cell of human eye is responsible for the formation of coloured vision?
Answer: Cones
Question 46: Which photoreceptor cell of human eye is responsible for the formation of black-white vision?
Answer: Rod
Question 47: What is the function of pupil in human eye?
Answer: controls and regulates the light entering the eye
Question 48: Name the type of lens in human eye.
Answer: Convex
Question 49: What is the term used for ability of eye lens to adjust its focal length.
Answer: Accommodation
Question 50: Which type of image formed at the retina of human eye ?
Answer: Real and inverted


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