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Top 50 GK questions and answer set 5

Top 50 GK questions and answer
Q1. Name the countyfrom where chess game originated?

Answer : India

Q2.Identify there positive numbers ,that will give same result in multiplication and addition.

Answer : 1, 2 and 3

Q3. Name the biggest planet of solar system.

Answer : Jupiter

Q4. What is the name of Indian national tree?

Answer :Banyan Tree

Q5.Which is the tallest mountaint peak in India?

Answer :Kangchenjungha

Q6.Name the biggest part of human brain?

Answer :Cerebrum

Q7.Which is the capital city of Andmaan and Nickbar?

Answer : Portblair

Q8. Which is the largest fresh water lake in India ?

Answer :Wular lake

Q9.Name the country which have only music (no word) in national anthem .

Answer :Spain

Q10.Which Indian state has highest literacy rate ?

Answer : Kerla

Q11. Name the first woman, Who become the president of India?

Answer :Pratibha Patil

Q12. Who was known as the Iron man of India?

Answer : Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel

Q13.Name the city where Hawa mahal is located?

Answer :

Jaipur, Rajsthan
Q14.Name the state where Ajanta and Ellora caves are located ?

Answer :Maharashtra

Q15.In which city Indian Parliament is located?

Answer :New Delhi

Q16.Sania Mirza is famous player associated with which game ?

Answer :Tennis

Q17.Name the hottest place on the the Earth ?

Answer : Danakil Depression in Euthopia

Q18.Name the coldest place on the Earth?

Answer :Vostok station Antartica(-94 deg. Celcius)

Q19.Name the largest Island in the world?

Answer :Greenland

Q20.On which date national girl day is celebrated in India ?

Answer :24 January

Q21.Which Indian state is called as orchid paradise.

Answer :Arunachal Pradesh

Q22. What is the national song of India ?

Answer :Vande matram

Q23.Name of river bank on which Agra is locates?

Answer :Yamuna

Q24.Name the heightest dam in India?

Answer : Tihari dam (Uttarakhand )

Q25.Gateway of India is located in which Indian city?

Answer :Mumbai

Q26. What are number bone does have in newborn baby?

Answer :300

Q27. Goiter disease is caused due to difficiency of which mineral?

Answer :Iodine

Q28. Which body organ is responsible for purification of blood ?

Answer :Kidney

Q29. What is name given to blanket of mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth?

Answer :Atmoshare

Q30.Giza pyramid is located in Which country?

Answer :Egypt

Q31.Statue of liberty is located in Which city?

Answer :New York city

Q32.Which day is celebrated as martyrs' Day?

Answer :30 January

Q33.why is Gir nation park famous for?

Answer :lion

Q34.Giddha is famous from of folk dance associates with which state ?

Answer :Punjab

Q35.Gold or silver ,Which metal is heavier?

Answer :Gold

Q36.Which is the smallest state of India?

Answer :Goa

Q37.What is called for baby horse?

Answer :Colt

Q38.what is the shape of an egg?

Answer :Oval

Q39.Name of capital city of Uttrakhand?

Answer :Dehradun

Q40.Name the biggest sea animal ?

Answer :Blue whale

Q41. Name the capital city of Rajsthan?

Answer : Jaipur

Q42.Name the great Indian freedomfighter called Netaji ?

Answer :Subhash Chandra Bose

Q43.Which country does Sony brand belong?

Answer :Japan

Q44. What is name given to study about bird?

Answer :Ornithology

Q45.Name the largest dessert in world ?

Answer :Sahara dessert

Q46.Kuchipudi is a famous dance form related to which state?

Answer :Andhra Pradesh state

Q47. Who was Margrate Thatcher?

Answer :She was the former prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Q48.Name the bird which cann't fly?

Answer :ostrich

Q49.Name thd place where animals and birds are kept?

Answer :Zoo

Q50.Which Indian state is called tea garden of India?

Answer :Aasam


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