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Top 50 GK questions and answer set 6

Top 50 GK questions and answer
Q1. In which book does the main character fall down a rabbit hole?

Ans: Alice in Wonderland

Q2. Name the art of folding paper into beautiful shapes called?

Ans: Origami

Q3. Name the tallest building in the world?

Ans: Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Q4. Which unit/part of the computer is called its brain?

Ans: CPU

Q5. Name the wonder of the world located in India?

Ans: Taj Mahal

Q6. Name the country that doesn’t have a rectangular flag?

Ans: Nepal

Q7. On which Date is the Earth Day celebrated?

Ans: April 22

Q8. What is the place where bees are kept to collect honey called?

Ans: Apiary

Q9. What is the full form of RAM?

Ans: Random Access Memory

Q10. Name the smallest bird?

Ans: Hummingbird

Q11. Name the founders of Google?

Ans: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Q12. Name the full form of UPS?

Ans: Uninterrupted Power Supply

Q13. How many kilobytes equals 1 megabyte?

Ans: 1,024

Q14. Who is the founder of Facebook?

Ans: Mark Zuckerberg

Q15. What do AM stand for?

Ans: Ante Meridiem

Q16. What do PM stand for?

Ans: Post Meridiem

Q17. What is the full form of BC in history?

Ans: Before Christ

Q18. What is the full Form of AD in history?

Ans: Anno Domini

Q19. Who was the first president of the United States?

Ans: George Washington

Q20. Name the haviest mammal.

Ans: Blue whale

Q21. Name the tallest animal in the world?

Ans: Giraffe

Q22. What does 'X' means in Roman numerals?

Ans: 10

Q23. Name the triangle with two equal sides and two equal angles?

Ans: Isosceles triangle

Q24. Name the polygon which has six sides?

Ans: Hexagon

Q25. Name the shape of diamond?

Ans: Rhombus

Q26. Who is called as the father of mathematics?

Ans: Archimedes

Q27. Which number comes after 99,990?

Ans: 99,991

Q28. How many number of sides does an octagon have?

Ans: Eight

Q29. How many centimeter make a meter?

Ans: 100 centimeter

Q30. Which whole number doesn’t have its own Roman numeral?

Ans: Zero

Q31. An angle which is less than 90 degrees is called ______.

Ans: Acute angle

Q32. An angle which is greater than 90 degrees and smaller than 180 degrees is called _____.

Ans: Obtuse angle

Q33. What is the distance around a figure called?

Ans: Perimeter

Q34. When a number is multiplied by zero, you get ____.

Ans: 0

Q35. Who was the author of Hindu holy book Mahabharta?

Ans: Rishi Ved Vyasa

Q36. Who had given thoughts of Hindu holy book Gita?

Ans: Lord Krishna

Q37. Who was the author of Hindu holy book Ramyana?

Ans: Rishi Valmiki

Q38. Who was the author of Panchatantra Story?

Ans: Vishnu Sharma

Q39. Name the capital city of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Bhopal

Q40. Name the capital city of Bihar?

Ans: Patna

Q41. Name the capital city of Sikkim?

Ans: Gangtok

Q42. Name the capital city of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Amaravati

Q43. Name the capital city of Telengana?

Ans: Hyderabad

Q44. Name the place where river Ganga and Yamuna meet?

Ans: Prayagraj

Q45. Name the place from where ganga river originates?

Ans: Gongotri Glacier

Q46. Where is Sun temple located in india?

Ans: Konark, Odisha

Q47. Name the saint who established four Peethas/math.

Ans: Rishi Adi Shankaracharya.

Q48. Hebrew is the language of which country?

Ans: Israel

Q49. What is the official language of India?

Ans: Hindi and English

Q50. Who designed the indian rupee symbol?

Ans: Udaya Kumar


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