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  • Sets: Chapter note
  • Sets: MCQ Set-1
  • Sets: MCQ Set-2
  • Sets: MCQ Set-3
  • Relation and function

  • Relations and Functions- Chapter note
  • Relations and Functions- MCQ Set 1
  • Trigonometry

  • Trigonometry- Chapter note
  • Trigonometry- MCQ Set 1
  • Trigonometry- MCQ Set 2
  • Principle of Mathematical Induction.

    Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

    Linear Inequalities

    Permutations and Combinations

    Binomial Theorem

    Sequence and Series


    Coordinate Geometry

    Conic Sections

    Introduction to Three–dimensional Geometry

    Conic Sections

    Limits and Derivatives

    Mathematical Reasoning

    Statistics and Probability


    Physical World

    Units And Measurements

    Motion In A Straight Line

  • Motion in Straight line- Chapter note
  • Motion in Straight line- MCQ Test
  • Motion In A Plane

  • Motion in plane- Chapter note
  • Motion in plane- Numerical Problems
  • Motion in plane- MCQ Test
  • Laws Of Motion

  • Laws of motion- Chapter note
  • Laws of motion- MCQ Test 1
  • Laws of motion-MCQ Test 2
  • Laws of motion-MCQ Test 3
  • Numerical Problems Based On Blocks On Smooth Surface
  • Numerical Problems Based On Friction
  • Work, Energy, And Power

  • Work Energy and Power- Chapter note
  • Work Energy and Power-MCQ Test 1
  • i>Work Energy and Power-MCQ Test 2

    System Of Particles And Rotational Motion


    Properties of Bulk Matter


    Oscillation and Waves



    Matter in our surrounding

  • Matter in our surrounding-Chapter Note
  • Matter in our surrounding-MCQ TEST
  • Is matter pure around us

  • Is matter pure around us-Chapter Note
  • Is matter pure around us -MCQ TEST
  • Atom and Molecules

  • Atom and Molecules-Chapter Note
  • Atoms and Molecules -MCQ TEST
  • Atomic structure

  • Atomic structure -Chapter notes
  • Atomic structure -MCQ TEST
  • The fundamental unit of life

  • The fundamental unit of life -Chapter notes
  • The fundamental unit of life -MCQ TEST
  • Motion

  • Motion-Chapter Note
  • Motion -MCQ TEST
  • Tissue

  • Tissue-Chapter Note
  • Tissue -MCQ TEST
  • Force and Laws of Motion

  • Force and Laws of Motion-Chapter Note
  • Force and Laws of Motion -MCQ TEST
  • Gravitation

  • Gravitation-Chapter Note
  • Gravitation -MCQ TEST
  • Work Energy and Power

  • Work Energy and Power-Chapter Note
  • Work Energy and Power -MCQ TEST 1
  • Work Energy and Power -MCQ TEST 2
  • Work Energy and Power -True False Test
  • Why do we fall ill

  • Why do we fall ill-Chapter Note
  • Why do we fall ill -MCQ TEST
  • Why do we fall ill -True False Test

    Number Systems

  • Number Systems-Chapter Note
  • Number Systems-MCQ test
  • Polynomials

  • Polynomials
  • Polynomials-MCQ test
  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Coordinate Geometry-MCQ test
  • Linear Equation in Two Variables

  • Linear Equation in Two Variables
  • Linear Equation in Two Variables-MCQ test
  • Linear Equation in Two Variables-MCQ test
  • Euclid’s Geometry

  • Euclid’s Geometry-Chapter Note
  • Euclid’s Geometry-MCQ test
  • Lines and Angles

  • Lines and Angles-Chapter Note
  • Lines and Angles-MCQ test 1
  • Lines and Angles-MCQ test 2
  • Triangles

  • Triangles-Chapter Note
  • Triangles-MCQ test
  • Quadrilaterals

  • Quadrilaterals-Chapter Note
  • Quadrilaterals-MCQ test
  • Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

  • Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles-Chapter Note
  • Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles-MCQ test
  • Circles

  • Circles-Chapter Note
  • Circles-MCQ test
  • Heron’s Formula

  • Heron’s Formula-Chapter Note
  • Heron’s Formula-MCQ test
  • Surface Areas and Volumes

  • Surface Areas and Volumes-Chapter Note
  • Surface Areas and Volumes-MCQ test
  • Statistics

  • Statistics-Chapter Note
  • Statistics-MCQ test
  • Probability

  • Probability-Chapter Note
  • Probability-MCQ test

    Nutrition in Plants

  • Nutrition in Plants: Chapter Note
  • Nutrition in Plants-MCQ Test
  • Nutrition in Animals

  • Nutrition in Animals : Chapter Note
  • Nutrition in Animals-MCQ Test
  • Fibre to Fabric

  • Fibre to Fabric: Chapter Note
  • Fibre to Fabric MCQ Test
  • Heat

  • Heat : Chapter Note
  • Heat- MCQ Test
  • Acids, Bases and Salts

  • Acids, Bases and Salts : Chapter Note
  • Acids, Bases and Salts- MCQ Test
  • Physical and Chemical Changes

  • Physical and Chemical Changes : Chapter Note
  • Physical and Chemical Changes- MCQ Test
  • Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate

  • Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate : Chapter Note
  • Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate- MCQ Test
  • Winds, Storms and Cyclones

  • Winds, Storms and Cyclones : Chapter Note
  • Winds, Storms and Cyclones- MCQ Test
  • Soil

  • Soil : Chapter Note
  • Soil- MCQ Test
  • Respiration in Organisms

  • Respiration in Organisms: Chapter Note
  • Respiration in Organisms- MCQ Test
  • Transportation in Animals and Plants

  • Transportation in Animals and Plants: Chapter Note
  • Transportation in Animals and Plants- MCQ Test
  • Reproduction in Plants

  • Reproduction in Plants: Chapter Note
  • Reproduction in Plants- MCQ Test
  • Motion and Time

  • Motion and Time : Chapter Note
  • Motion and Time - MCQ Test
  • Electric Current and Its Effects

  • Electric Current and Its Effects : Chapter Note
  • Electric Current and Its Effects - MCQ Test
  • Light

  • Light : Chapter Note
  • Light-MCQ Test
  • Water: A Precious Resource

  • Water: A Precious Resource: Chapter Note
  • Water: A Precious Resource MCQ Test
  • Forests: Our Lifeline

  • Forests: Our Lifeline: Chapter Note
  • Wastewater Story

  • Wastewater Story: Chapter Note
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